The Phantom Fixx line offers a revolutionary set of products from its parent company, Universal Photonics. A global leader in critical surfacing materials for more than 85 years, Universal Photonics is a master of polishing technology in all phases of fabrication. As both manufacturer and distributor, UPI is committed to comprehensive research and product development; resulting in an extensive, 7000+ line of top-quality products.

Universal Photonics’ Phantom Fixx products enter the consumer market via advanced, industrial-strength, removal technology. Years of research across a variety of surfacing applications, and innovative manufacturing techniques come together to produce the patented, abrasive-impregnated Phantom Fixx Pad and PFX CERIUMS, all uniquely engineered for optimal removal and excellent surface finish on glass. LUMINEX, the revolutionary microfiber cleaning cloth will thoroughly remove a broad range of residues from eye glasses, camera lenses, CD’s/DVD’s, binoculars.... In fact, any surface requiring optimum, but gentle cleaning.

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